Down Fill

Item# downfill


Seat cushions with synthetic inserts are comprised of high quality synthetic foam and wrapped with 100% Dacron fibers for crowning. Back cushions are filled with 100% 6 Density poly clusters for the highest quality feel. In addition, all synthetic back cushions are covered with 100% cotton casing.

For those seeking maximum luxury, feather and down inserts are offered using a feather blend which consists of 10/90 feather and duck down, along with 100% 6 Density poly clusters, providing you with the ultimate comfort. Seat cushions are constructed by using a solid foam core wrapped by a Feather Down Cloud "envelope" that is encased by 100% cotton ticking. The foam adds longevity and shape to the cushion. Back cushions consist entirely of the feather blend encased by 100% cotton ticking.