Born to Shop San Francisco

Born to Shop San Francisco
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Best Stores in San Francscio
You can’t walk 100 yards anywhere in the Bay Area without being hit in the face with Asian influence, especially in home style. This store is in the Design District—nowhere near Chinatown, thank you very much (or xie-xie, as we say in Mandarin)—and gives area designers a workable touch of the Orient. Professionals get a discount, but this is not a to-the-trade source. Rather, it’s a regular retail store with more than regular style, plus a great way of using fabrics and furniture to make Chinoiserie user-friendly. Also available are some clothing items, fashion accessories, and many gifts, too.

The Best Sow’s Ear as Silk Purse
Despite my years as an old China hand, I’d never before—in either the U.S. or Asia seen anything like the silk fortune cookies at Forgotten Shanghai, so I don’t quite know how to describe or explain what they are. They look like silk covered fortune cookies and snap shut like a coin purse. I put my son’s birthday check inside a large baseball-size one. You can use them for gifts, party favors, place cards at a dinner party, anything your very creative brain can think of—and yes, you can even put condoms inside one and place it on your bedside table. Very, very chic.

Design Distric-Don’t Miss
Be Still, my Chinese heart. Carry me away, of ye who have forgotten Shanghai, and shame on any of you think this is a Chinatown tourist trap. Forgotten Shanghai is not only the store of your dreams, but one you would never have found without me. And frankly, I wouldn’t have found it without Wendy and Karen. It’s on my 10 Best Store in San Francisco List.