Chinese furniture has evolved over a period of 2000 years, reflecting the attitudes, beliefs and styles of the time and dynasty.

Forgotten Shanghai antique cabinets, buffets and hall tables show a great degree of craftsmanship with an extreme amount of attention to detail and design.

With Chinese antique furniture the most common wood is elm, a wood common to most regions able to sustain trees in China. Each item is hand picked and restored.

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Shanxi Elmwood Tall Cabinet
Black Lacquer Cabinet
Two Door Elmwood Cabinet with Split Bamboo
Fujin Red Lacquer  Cabinet
Red Kitchen Cabinet
Burmese Teak Bar
Shandong Elmwood Cabinet
Shanxi Cabinet
Red Elmwood Cabinet
 Shanxi Elmwood Two Door Cabinet
Black Lacquer Contemporary Elmwood Book Cabinet
Four Door Shanxi Sideboard
Shandong Elmwood Hall Table
Wedding Cabinet
Walnut Hall Table
Red Lacquer Hall Ttable
Teili Wooden Kitchen Table
Elmwood Table with Curved Sides
Shandong Elmwood Bench
Pair of Elmwood Stools
Stone Inlay Bench
Shanxi Elmwood Folding Chair
Hand Carved Elmwood & Bamboo Dining Chairs
Contemporary Officials Dining Chair
Contemporary Officials High Back Chair
Natural Dining Chair
Two Door Elmwood Cabinet with Split Bamboo
Black Walnut Table with White Painted Glass Top
Contemporary Stone Top Tables
Stone Inlay Hall Table
Black Walnut File Cabinet
Elmwood Coffee Table Base
Stone Inlay Side Table
Lacquered Elmwood Side Stool, Aqua
Lacquered Elmwood Side Stool, Black
Lacquered Elmwood Side Stool, Ivory
Lacquered Elmwood Side Stool, Orange
Lacquered Elmwood Side Stool, Mint
Stools and BenchesLacquered Elmwood Side Stool, Natural
Shanxi Elmwood Round Folding Coffee Table
Elmwood Lo Han Deep Sofa
Stone Inset Table, Square